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Alternative Dispute


Mediation can be a very effective and less costly approach to resolving your family law case.  


Aletahas been a certified family law mediator for over 20 years, and she can explain the different methodologies and processes used in formal and informal mediations as potential options for settling your dispute, as well as the pros and cons of each.

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New Ways for Families™

What is Collaborative Divorce?


It’s Client, Child and Family Centered

The Collaborative Divorce process recognizes that, even though a marriage may be ending, relationships and obligations often continue, especially when children are involved. It allows spouses to formulate agreements that focus on their most important individual and mutual goals. This process helps all family members, even extended family, learn how to move forward in a positive way – focused on the future, rather than dwelling on arguments and disputes of the past.


It’s Out of Court


Most couples agree that they would prefer to work through the issues of their divorce outside the courtroom. In the Collaborative Divorce process, clients actually sign a contract that they promise to try to settle all the issues of their case outside of court and that they even promise not to threaten to go to court. When that threat is removed, clients are able to more comfortably and satisfactorily negotiate the issues in their case.


It’s Convenient


Collaborative Divorce operates on a family’s schedule. Couples have the flexibility to schedule meetings with their collaborative team when all participants are best able to meet, unlike the litigation process in which clients are subpoenaed for depositions and court hearings without consideration for their own schedules.


It’s Creative and Customized


Collaborative Divorce provides divorcing couples an innovative alternative to a traditional courtroom divorce. In Collaborative Divorce, control isn’t handed over to a judge unfamiliar with a couple’s or a family’s unique circumstances and who has a very limited time to hear their case. Instead, the divorcing couple works with specially trained Collaborative Divorce professionals — and without court interference — to arrive at a creative and customized solution, just for them, that will deliver the most positive outcome possible for the couple and the family.






Are you engaged in a difficult co-parenting relationship or a high conflict custody dispute?


New Ways for Families™ is a unique program which has recently been adopted by some courts in Texas. It’s designed to save parents money, to protect children as their families as they re-organize in new ways, and to help families reduce conflict in the future.  


New Ways for Families™ is a short-term, court-ordered method for strengthening conflict skills for parents during separation or the divorce process, whether married or never-married. The goal is to help parents make their own parenting decisions out of court.


The focus is on parents practicing key conflict-reducing skills before the big decisions are made, and teaching these same skills for resiliency to their children.


Attorney Peacock is specifically trained in New Ways for Families™ to help you decrease conflict, stress and abuse while improving the outcomes for your children during high conflict litigation. For more information on this process, please go to




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Collaborative Divorce

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