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Adoptions Paternity

Helping families to resolve parenting issues including:


  • Adoptions

  • Establishing Paternity

  • Terminations of Parental Rights

  • Enforcing Parental Rights

  • Relocations

  • Child Support and/or Possesion/Access or Conservatorship Modifications

Caring paternity law practice

Our law firm is dedicated entirely to family law. That means we have the hands-on experience to help you through a variety of paternity and family-related legal issues.  Get personalized service and proper representation for all your family law issues.

Whether you're looking to establish paternity or trying to adopt your spouse's child as your own, call The Law Office of Aleta Peacock.  We are experienced in handling these kinds of issues, as well as the termination of parental rights when it is in a child's best interests and in accordance with Texas statutes.

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