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"Thank you for helping me in my divorce. Aleta went above and beyond. She is very professional, smart and knows the law. She's the best lawyer in Bastrop!!!"  (Divorce Property Case, Submitted 2018)


"Aleta, a while back you helped me with a difficult custody case involving my son and his father.   I wanted to let  you know that things really worked out great for my son.   We moved to Austin right before his freshman year because he decided to attend a private catholic school to play basketball.  He became the MVP for  both basketball and baseball, making district in both sports, Dell intern of the year, numerous academic awards, homecoming king, community service distinction and recipient of the Texas Tech Presidential scholarship and several others. He will be attending college in August.  Thank you again, 5 years later for helping sort us through that awful dark time.  We made it out and my son's light is shining bright!"  (Contested Custody Case, Submitted 2017)


"Going through a divorce is a daunting and emotional task. The best decision I made was walking into Aleta's office.  She was there to assist on legal and the emotional issues facing me and my children, standing with me throughout the entire process.  My advice to anyone going through this difficult venture is listen to what Aleta says, say Yes Ma'am, and follow her advice.   Ms. Aleta's focus over the long process was constant.  Her professional demeanor always led the way and she ensured I was prepared for each step. augmented by her tremendous team I never felt like any question was to small or not important.  At no time did I feel alone.  This was very important as I prepared for a new phase in my life."   (Divorce with Contested Custody Case, Submitted 2017)


“In our divorce, my ex-wife asked for full custody of our son, even though I have always been a primary caregiver, not only to our son, but also to my wife’s daughter from a previous marriage.  She tried to keep me away from our son by making serious false allegations against me, and asked the Court to order that my visits with my son be continuosly supervised.  Throughout my case, my ex-wife and her attorney also used other bully tactics to try to intimidate me.  However, Aleta truly believed in me, and she cared about preserving my relationship with my son.  Aleta fiercely defended me and at trial, she was able to methodically present evidence and credible witnesses to prove that my ex-wife’s allegations against me were false.  The Judge granted my request for 50/50 possession of my son, and my son and I couldn’t be happier.”  (Divorce with Contested Custody Case, Submitted 2016)


"I was married to a very abusive husband, who had drug and alcohol issues. When speaking with other lawyers, they would always tell me what "his" rights were as a father; never did it seem that anyone was interested in what was best for my children and I.  Then I called Aleta, and I knew that her only concern was my children and myself.  I wanted to make sure that my husband's visitations would be supervised.  I also wanted to ensure that my divorce would not stifle my career ambitions by restricting me to the county in which I lived, and I wanted to make sure that my husband was prohibited from showing up at my place of work or at my home, as he had done in the past, because I was afraid of him.  Not only did Aleta understand what I was going through, but she did everything in her power to think outside of the box to fight for my children and I, and explained every step of the way what may or may not happen, and what my options were.  She was honest and frank about what to expect, but hopeful and committed.  With her guidance, I was able to quickly negotiate an Agreed Decree with my husband on my terms.  At the last moment in court, however, when we appeared to get the Judge's signature, my husband showed up at the courthouse and attempted to revoke his consent.  Aleta earned every last penny ever paid to her in that moment, because she listened to him quietly, and in nothing but hushed and quiet tones explained the logic of our decree - she left no area unexplained, and was so patiently committed to her resolve that there was nothing left for my husband to argue with.  She refused to let him meet with me privately, knowing that I did not want to be alone with him.   He withdrew his objection and left the courthouse.  In that moment, I experienced true freedom, and Aleta gave me my life back.  Thanks to Aleta; I definitely have control over my future now.  I would recommend her to anyone, in a heartbeat." (Divorce with Family Violence Case, Submitted 2016)


“I was exhausted, and an emotional wreck, when I filed for divorce from my emotionally abusive husband of over 30 years.  However, during the last years of our marriage, I had inherited significant amounts of money from my family.  Since I was the one responsible for writing the checks for our bills each month, I had co-mingled those funds throughout many of our joint bank accounts without realizing the long term consequences.  Aleta was able to counsel me regarding Texas community property law and about proper characterization and tracing of my inherited funds.  Thankfully, Aleta was able to guide me through the process of meticulously tracing my money with the assistance of a forensic accountant.  Aleta then negotiated a settlement for me that allowed me to retain an equal portion of the community estate, as well as to recapture every penny of my inheritances!   Life is good and I am very happy!  Aleta helped get me to this point in my life, and I am grateful.”  (Divorce with Contested Characterization and Tracing of Separate Property, Submitted 2016)


“After I filed for divorce, my ex-wife challenged the date of the inception of our informal marriage in an attempt to obtain a much larger community portion of my railroad retirement benefits than what she was legally entitled.  At trial, Aleta was able to prove that my wife and I were informally married for only 8 years, as opposed to 20 years as claimed by my ex-wife.  The Court agreed with Aleta, thereby saving me from forfeiting a large portion of many years of my retirement benefits that would have otherwise gone to my ex-wife.  My sincere thanks and appreciation to Aleta what she did for me. It was never about the money, but about justice and equity. Again, thank you Aleta.” (Informal Marriage and Contested Property Division Case, Submitted 2016)


“When my adult daughter was murdered, she had two minor children.  Once notified of my daughter’s death, I immediately went to take possession of her children, as their father was in prison for solicitation of murder in an unrelated case.    A long custody battle ensued, during which time the children’s father was released from prison, and his attorney took over the pursuit of custody of the children against me.  Aleta never backed down and immediately filed pleadings to terminate the father’s rights.  At trial, the Judge terminated his rights and ordered him to pay all child support arrearages. With Aleta’s courage, and her extensive knowledge and experience, she made us feel safe throughout the process.  This was a very difficult case for my family, but we are all very happy with the results.” (Termination of Parental Rights Case, Submitted 2015)


"I am extremely grateful to attorney Aleta Peacock for her guidance, support, and generosity in helping me to get my case transferred out of state.  Aleta was generous with her time on the phone, gave me sound advice, and agreed to help me with my my case at a very reasonable price.  Her legal assistant was very understanding, helpful, and efficient, and with the help of them, I was able to complete all the paperwork and get a hearing at the courthouse in Texas within two weeks.  The case itself was sad and painful, but my family and I will always be grateful to Aleta, for getting me through it smoothly and in the most dignified manner possible."   (Out-of-State Contested Transfer of Jurisdiction Case, Submitted 2015)


“Aleta represented my husband and me when we adopted my two nieces.  Unfortunately, I had to fight my mother and my brother to adopt the children (the girls had been living with my husband and our family for a number of years).  The children’s father lived in one state, their transient mother lived in another state, and my husband and I reside in Texas.  Both my mother and my brother had opposing, separate attorneys.  I was extremely impressed with the way Aleta responded to a very painful situation and helped alleviate the tremendous anxiety with all the decisions that needed to be made.  She put things into the proper perspective so you knew what was happening next.  The way she walks you through each step is very personal.  Aleta was able to settle our case with opposing counsels and, happily, the Judge granted the adoptions in open court with many of my family members present!  Thank you, Aleta, a million times over!” (Contested Adoption Case, Submitted 2015)


“I was divorced in 2009 before I met Aleta.  In 2010, I retained Aleta to represent me in a lawsuit filed against me by my ex-wife in an attempt to modify the custody arrangements for our three youngest children.  Since 2010, my ex-wife brought three additional lawsuits to modify our custody arrangements and as my attorney, Aleta prevailed at trial each and every time, against three different attorneys on my ex-wife’s side.  In 2013, I was awarded custody of all but our youngest child.  In 2015, I was awarded full custody of that child.  Aleta has a strong positive attitude, and she is sensitive to her clients and their needs at all times. The highest compliment is that you forget you're talking to a lawyer.  I am fortunate to have had her by my side during all those difficult, stress-filled trials.  Thanks in closing, Aleta, for your extraordinary service to me and my family.  I know having your skills in court made all the difference for us.”   (Custody Modification Case (Contested 4 times!), Submitted 2015)

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